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When to Use UN4G Packaging or UN4GV Packaging

UN4G packaging is the most commonly used packaging for transporting dangerous goods. But did you know that there’s another packaging option available? Enter 4GV packaging.

So what’s the difference between the two, aside from the obvious extra letter? The main difference between the two UN-approved boxes lies in the type of inner packaging that can be put in the box.

UN4G boxes must reflect the packaging used in testing. This means that it should have the same inner packaging, the same arrangement of the contents, and the same closure of the box.

The UN4GV boxes on the other hand, do not require the exact inner packaging; the boxes can contain any type of inner packaging. There are some guidelines to note for using inner packaging in UN4GV: the minimum distances (filled with vermiculite) between inner packaging and the sides of the box, the gross weight of the inner packaging, and the gross weight of the package.