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Norman International for UN4G Boxes and Other Hazardous Material Packaging Requirements

Packages for shipping of hazardous material is not limited to UN4G boxes. Often, UN4G corrugated boxes are used in combination with other types of UN4G packaging such as paint cans and plastic jugs, to name a few. Norman International offers a full line of hazardous material packaging for convenience, safety, and strict compliance to packaging and shipping guidelines.

Apart from manufacturing various hazardous material packaging, we also custom design and test UN packing for Groups I, II, and III. We have been in the industry for more than five decades, and have the experience and expertise in manufacturing packaging containers based on UN specifications. In fact, our UN4G boxes and other packaging systems are accepted and recommended by all major national and international freight carriers, whether for land, sea, or air transport.

As one of the largest manufacturers of hazardous materials packaging products in the country, we have the UN4G packaging you need. Contact us at 800-289-8644 today!