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Why Is UN4G Packaging Regulated?

The transport of dangerous goods is regulated to prevent accidents to people or property and damage to the environment. UN4G packaging is the best solution for transporting goods of this kind. However, with a lot of different regulations in every country and for different modes of transport, you need to make sure that your packaging service is equipped with the proper certifications in order to transport these materials. Without the proper handling and shipping of dangerous goods, trade in chemicals and dangerous products would be affected. At the worst case scenario, shipping of these goods would be made impossible and unsafe.

Industries using UN4G packaging

The most commonly used dangerous goods include petrol, LPG, paints, pesticides, and acids. They can be packaged in plastic bottles, tin cans, tight head pails, and cartons. Any industry that would require these chemicals automatically needs to use UN4G packaging in order to safely transport these to their suppliers or customers. This would include automotive industries, paint businesses, pharmaceutical companies, exterminating companies, and more.