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The Importance of Hazardous Material Packaging

When it comes to shipping hazardous materials, only the right packaging supplies should be used. Among the inconveniences one may encounter without proper hazardous material packaging are:

1. Delay in the shipment of your goods. Safe to say, you may expect couriers and other shipping services to reject your parcel isn’t packaged correctly or placed in material that doesn’t conform to standards.

2. Unnecessary additional expenses on initial packaging costs. This is because you can avoid spending more by getting the right packaging material the first time.

3. Legal liability for any damage or threat to the safety of delivery personnel.

Here at Norman International, we have developed a complete line of hazardous material packaging, notably UN 4G paint can shippers. Our line of products includes gallon and quart containers, plastic jug shippers, and vinyl radio frequency heat-sealed bags.

For inquiries about our UN specification packaging, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-289-8644; we’d be glad to hear from you.